Blogger Reveals Source Analytics

I wish their were more source analytics available for all sites.  I wish I could go to a Compete or to a Quantcast and see what percent of traffic comes from Google, Twitter, Facebook, paid ads, email, etc.

In the meantime, many bloggers are revealing the source analytics for their sites.  The quality of the traffic from each source is a whole nother issue, but in the meantime, seeing this data for ‘influencer’ blogs gives you a sense of what kind of traffic benchmarks to reach with your blogs.

Fred Wilson from avc states the following in his latest blog post:

About 8% comes from twitter
Almost half of my traffic is direct
Ten percent is feed reader driven
Google search is about 20%
Hacker news and techmeme is about 10% combined
The rest is social media driven (twitter, facebook, and blogs)

Wow – 50% direct.  I assume that also includes google search for as many people go direct to sites via google – typing in the site’s URL in the google search bar rather than the address bar.


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